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Welcome to Morphee.

In a world where spirits exist hidden alongside humans, Enzo makes a strange encounter. After waking up from a bad dream, he catches sight of two eerie spirits flying out of his window. Who are they ?

Welcome !

Welcome to all new readers here !

I hope you've enjoyed the story so far! I did'nt make a proper post so far so I figured out I should at least present this project.

Morphee will be a 44 pages full colour comic, and I'm posting on average 2 pages every week until July.

I'm experimenting different techniques on my comic, and for this one I choose to mix traditional and digital mediums: the pages are drawn with a mechanical pencil, then I apply layers of colored inks. I scan them, and finish the colouring on photoshop.

I'm planning to print the comic in July 2016, and sell it with en extra 14 pages comic about Morphee's past story ^v^

posted by Yami. @ April 19th, 2016, 4:50 am   0 comments

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